Tattoo Removal

Until recently, a tattoo was forever. But today, technology has allowed us to remove these inked reminders of former loves and holidays gone wild. We utilize a variety of methods for removing tattoos, including:

  • IPL treatments - IPL, or Intensive Pulsed Light, refers to the light technique used in this procedure. We'll use an IPL wand that sends light pulses to the affected area, which breaks up the ink and allows it to pass away through your system.
  • Laser tattoo removal - While not as popular as the newer IPL, many patients prefer laser tattoo removal as it can be less costly. During multiple sessions, we'll concentrate a laser light on your tattoo that, like IPL, breaks up the ink. The more sessions you have, the less visible the tattoo - but as the laser is so highly concentrated, there can be some discomfort involved.

If you'd like to get a tattoo removed, come in for an appointment and we'll discuss your options. Our licensed, trained staff will help you be rid of your tattoo - forever!

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